Mortification of Sin – John Owen: 1 – Introduction

“If ye through the Spirit shall mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live” Romans 8V13

I have recently read through “The Mortification of Sin” by John Owen and found it to be a book that constantly brings the reader to prayer. Theologians like Owen (especially the puritans) were masters of scripture. Unlike so many theologians of the modern era who teach scripture from a frame of reference of sociology, epistemology and psychology; the puritans were soaked in scripture, their frame of reference was scripture. I think that’s why their writings are so rich and breathe so much life, I think that’s why I find myself on my knees so often when reading them. To read the puritans is often like stepping from a confined room into a wide open country.

I’m intending to put these posts up for the good of the church people (and anyone else who would be helped). It comes from my own dulness, in that, having read through the book, I’m left with the feeling that I often lost the “wood for the trees”. In my defence John Owen is a dense writer – every sentence is like a well packed suitcase. So the following is a synopsis, a making of sence for the modern reader.

Each chapter has a multilevel list which matches that found in the banner of truth complete works.

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