The Transforming Power of the Gospel


Read this book – it will change your life! The incredibly simple but life transforming truth of what Jerry Bridges says is that, as those who are already Born Again, we lack peace, assurance, power and vitality on our Christian lives because we are constantly prone to lose sight of the gospel. His argument is that we constantly slip back onto the “performance treadmill” of thinking we have earn God’s favour. Like a master craftsman who knows his subject inside out Bridges takes us through the gospel again. Instead of trying to “soft soap” us he strongly argues the point that Tim Keller is constantly emphasising: “We are much more wicked than we can imagine and yet we are much more Loved than we dare to believe”


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1 Response to The Transforming Power of the Gospel

  1. Peter says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the recommendation – I’m enjoying the Discipline of Grace by the same author at the moment – great stuff altogether.
    Peter Kenny

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